Excellence, by name and by nature.

Where does our excellence come from? It comes from 1874 our founding year. We have been producing Parmigiano Reggiano for 140 years and we will keep on making it better and better. It comes from experience. An experience recognised and certified by the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium. From the historical identification number, 1559, one of the oldest of the Consortium. From our 0-km milk, collected within only 10 km from the dairy farm, because the farther it travels, the higher levels of pollution it collects. From the valuing of our land. Our animals are locally grass-fed, as we believe in our work and in that of our neighbours. From our milk collection basin, only one for all the Consortium members.  We are one of the very few cooperatives that can afford the luxury of mixing the milk of all its members because we are absolutely sure of the quality of each one of the dairies. This is why we always have top quality standards. From the 98% of our first choice cheese one of the highest percentages in the whole Consortium. From the Carbon FootPrint Certification, that enhances our good taste while reducing environmental impact. We were the first to obtain this certification, as our Parmigiano is good, but if it respects the environment it is even better.

Carbon Foot Print

The Cooperative Caramasche is the fist producer of Parmesan cheese in the world to get the prestigious Carbon Foot Print certification by the TUV. The exceptional result rewards the joint efforts conducted by all members and employees of our dairy in recent years and offers you a better product, good not only on your table but also with the environment.


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