The dairy farm

140 years of passion for well-made things. 

White walls, big basins, fresh milk and the hand-made production process that has remained almost unaltered over the centuries. 

The Caseificio Caramasche extends for xxx square metres surrounded by nature, grazing lands, a seasoning area and centuries-old stories.

The making of Parmigiano Reggiano is a sensorial journey that brings us back in time, nothing has changed in our ritual for no less than nine centuries. We have been making it for more than 140 years, more precisely since 1874.

The preparation of milk by adding the starter whey, a natural crop of lactic bacteria, the milk coagulation and the addition of natural rennet taken from the stomach of nursing calves.

And here is the wise hand of the dairyman who breaks the curd with the sticker and chooses the coking temperature, opens the steam and starts the granules dehydration. But it is not over: he delicately takes the mix in his hands, looks at it and understands how this can be shaped. After the immersion in a saturated natural-salt solution, it is then time to start the seasoning.

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