Our Cheese

His Majesty the Parmigiano.

There are rules to make Parmigiano that we respect and exceed. Because absolute goodness is not only made by complying with rules, but rather by genuine ingredients skilfully worked by man, experience and mastery. What really makes the difference are the hands of Parmigiano Reggiano makers.

The peculiarities of the Parmigiano Reggiano production originate from this territory, from the local fodders and from the skills of our dairymen, who have been making Parmigiano for over 140 years.  

Our milk comes from our partners' farms that are never more than 10 km away and, once it arrives in the cheese factory, it is mixed together. This is one of the main features that make our Parmigiano Reggiano a great one: we are so confident about the quality of our partners' milk that when mixing it we always manage to maintain the same top quality. Very few companies can do so. 

We mix milk with natural rennet, salt and no additives, the rest is made by heat, time and the art of dairymen. 

There is something noble even in the seasoning process, lasting from 12 to 36 months and following the slow pace of seasons, with no artificial temperature and humidity changes. Because the king of cheeses needs time, a long time to be excellent and to enhance its flavour.

24 month

17th March Today we opened a 24-month old wheel. The light-yellow tone of the dough made us perceive a soft grainy texture, as delicate as its milk and fresh grass fragrance. When we tasted it we immediately perceived its granular structure, then its friability and finally its solubility. A young Parmigiano Reggiano that gave us a perfect balanc

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30 month

28th January Today we tasted a 30-month old, straw yellow wheel; by looking at it we found again its traditional grainy texture, with some white flakes. The scent of melted butter, dried fruit and nutmeg permeated the entire room. It immediately melted in our mouth with a spicy touch given by the seasoning.

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36 month

8th May 36 months of Parmigiano Reggiano! When we opened it, its spices and nutmeg smell was intoxicating. It was of a dark yellow and very grainy, with big white flakes. An intense, but very soluble cheese that immediately melted in our mouth. It had a spicy touch and also that unmistakable sweet-salty taste.

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